Exposed Fastener Roof Panels

Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets - Exposed Fastener Roof Panels

If you need an exposed fastener panel that offers a modern and vintage look, the corrugated exposed metal roofing sheets are an efficient and affordable option. These panels can provide superior weather protection, carbon emission reduction, and energy code compliance properties.

Corrugated metal is carbon steel pressed using a series of rollers to create dimensional patterns known as corrugations. Our exposed fastener roof panels are perfect for commercial and residential properties since they are affordable and more functional than other exposed fastener panel types. At Discount Metal Roofing, we have the quality corrugated fastener panels you need to build a strong roof.

Exposed Fastener Roof Panels

Many agricultural buildings have exposed fastener roof systems because they are more practical and functional for that use. Exposed fastener metal roofing provides superior durability and require little to no maintenance throughout its lifetime. Traditional shingle roofs can last 15-20 years under the right circumstances, but a metal roof can last 30-50 years or more.

● Durability- Since it has a rippled shape, the fastener has a more elaborate surface area, allowing it to withstand dents from falling objects. Besides, the panels are non-combustible, thus giving your commercial or agricultural property protection from fire.

● Superior weather protection- Thanks to the design of the corrugated metal roofing sheets, it is more resistant to harsh weather conditions. Unlike other fasteners, our corrugated exposed fastener panels are not susceptible to the same damage in case varying temperatures cause expansion and contraction.

● Energy-efficient- The rippled shape of the fastener panels reflects light and heat into the air, thus reducing the heat coming into your building. This improves the indoor comfort and lowers energy costs because your air conditioning unit won’t have to work as much to keep your building cool.

● Reduced environmental impact- As climatic change becomes a significant concern, there is a need to have environmentally friendly roofing products. Our exposed corrugated fastener panels are recyclable and ideal for any construction project that aims at achieving sustainability.

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